Whether you are a long-time patient or new to our office, we would love to hear from you. If you’ve had an experience at Diana Dental that you would like to share with us or with others, please feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below.

“Great dental office.”

Matthew P. – Kristen Brandao

“5 Stars”

Leslie G. – Lisa Boyer

“I saw Andrea and Dr..Diana for the first time, both were very helpful, professional and sensitive to my needs. Thank-you”

Barby B. – Andrea Kovacikova

“5 Stars”

Katelyn Q. – Lisa Boyer

“Always feel welcome and people very friendly … I feel comfortable!”

Vanna L. – Andrea Kovacikova

“5 Stars”

Madison L. – Szilvia Sasvari

“Very professional and a pleasant. positive experience from beginning to end.”

Maria D. – Lisa Boyer

“5 Stars”

Ava D. – Andrea Kovacikova

“5 Stars”

Mira M. – Nicolle Jackson

“Great Experience, as always. Everyone is courteous, welcoming and reassuring. How many people can say that they enjoy going to the dentist?”

Sue F. – Stephen Diana

“Always a satisfied and complete job done all the time”

Melvin R. – Nicolle Jackson

“Very professional and welcoming.”

Chantel M. – Szilvia Sasvari

“5 Stars”

John T. – Nicolle Jackson

“We’ve been clients of Dr. Diana for a very long time, however yesterday’s appointment was the first time I was disappointed. I had specifically scheduled the appointments for myself and my two kids in the order they were in, yet the office took it upon themselves to change this order without asking for my consent to do so. Although in the end everything worked out, this was by luck. If I schedule appointments a certain way, I expect my appointments to stay as I had scheduled them, unless I agree to the change in advance. This was poor service, in my opinion.”

Deanna O. – Andrea Kovacikova

“Always a wonderful experience at Diana Dental.”

Reta T. – Szilvia Sasvari

“I The quality from behind the reception entering the office to the doctors it’s amazing.”

Darryl W. – Kristen Brandao

“I find the dental office very friendly and accommadating”

Paul F. – Lisa Boyer

“5 Stars”

Christine M. – Kristen Brandao

“I am relieved to have found Dr Stephen Diana. He was strongly recommended. I needed some complicated dental work which was carried out professionally and in a comfortable atmosphere. I’m one of the lucky ones finding such a great dental practice with friendly staff in an hygienic environment with the latest technology.”

Cathie F. – Stephen Diana

“Always a pleasure to have any of my dental work done in Dr. Diana’s office. Professionalism, skill and bedside manner are superior. Always a positive experience. THANK YOU DR. DIANA AND YOUR WONDERFUL TEAM!”

Heather S. – Szilvia Sasvari

“5 stars”

Jean H. – Stephen Diana

“Very professional. Made me feel welcome. Made me feel that I was not just there for the money. I would definitely recommend Dr. Diana.”

Linda G. – Stephen Diana

“5 stars”

Susan C. – Szilvia Sasvari

“Very Professional”

Ilsanne M. – Kristen Brandao

“Everyone is great and was so nice to meet Stephen. Really enjoyed the visit anf so impressed how he knew all the dental work Ive had done.”

Eve F. – Lisa Boyer

Everyone always pleasant :))

Mary F. – Sara Sbergio

“Always a caring, committed and professional staff.”

Beverly W. – Nicolle Jackson

“5 Stars”

Barry A. – Stephen Diana

“My issues were adequately dealt with and my teeth are happy now!”

Marlene L.– Kristen Brandao

“5 Stars”

Michael J. – Mark Cicci

“Always great and friendly service.”

Harriet T. – Nicolle Jackson

“5 Stars”

Karen A. – Lisa Boyer

“Service was great as always but you should get your internet provider to send the reminders out a little earlier. Mine came at 8:02am on the day of the appointment, which was at 9:am, a little late don’t you think.”

Brian C. – Nicolle Jackson

“5 Stars”

Walter S. – Nicolle Jackson

“Well I travel from Burlington to Georgetown to go to Stephen Diana’s practice, I do this because this dentist is so caring,gentle and fantastic at what he does.i will never leave his practice this is for sure!!!”

Kevin E. – Szilvia Sasvari

“5 Stars”

Audrey C. – Stephen Diana

“Always well received when arriving. Timely appointments, no waiting and always looked after professionally in a casual environment.”

Ken R. – Stephen Diana

“5 Stars”

Melvin C. – Lisa Boyer

“Staff is very helpful and friendly. Cleaning was extremely thorough!”

Sandra B. – Andrea Kovacikova

“5 Stars”

Orville B. – Szilvia Sasvari

“We travel 3 hours to have Dr Diana and staff treat us !!! Well worth the drive … we would probably fly if we had to !! Amazi ng care”

Michael M. – Stephen Diana

“5 Stars”

Judith H. – Lisa Boyer

“Everyone is amazing with my girls. (5&3 yrs old). T”

Magdalena W. – Nicolle Jackson

“5 Stars”

Sandra B. – Andrea Kovacikova

“Very kind and gentle much appreciated thanks”

Wendy T. – Andrea Kovacikova

“5 Stars”

Marc L. – Nicolle Jackson

“I recommend putting paper towel and waste basket in Bathroom. The hand drier is very loud, and, as I understand you provide many children care, this might be better for them. This would be particularly true for autistic children, and may make their overall experience more positive. Your staff and facilities are wonderful!”

Barbara V. – Szilvia Sasvari

“5 Stars”

Pamela A. – Stephen Diana

“The hygienist who cleaned my teeth, Lisa, was very personable and professional, I enjoyed my experience at Diana Dental.”

Adam L. – Lisa Boyer

“5 Stars”

Karen A. – Lisa Boyer

“My appointments with all staff have been excellent. They all are very professional, but also have a sense of humor – which makes coming into the office a pleasure.”

Susan E. – Nicolle Jackson

“5 stars”

Dan N. – Szilvia Sasvari

“I have to say, you guys are exactly what I want from a dentistry team. No guilt trips. Just facts, professionalism, great cleaning, aftercare tips and tricks, and fierce determination to get me back in regularly (especially when I avoid it).”

Nikol K. – Lisa Boyer

“Wonderful staff, very welcoming”

Sydney T. – Andrea Kovacikova

“5 stars”

Tammie C. – Nicolle Jackson

Great friendly people!

Lynda R. – Sara Sbergio

I was very nervous and stressed when I came in 2008. I can now get my teeth cleaned and any work done now. Thank you for sticking with me and helping me to be almost stress free for having my dental work done. Thank you Nicole and Dr Diana

Edwina C. – Nicolle Jackson

The staff is always friendly and professional !!!

Ben C. – Lisa Boyer

Amazing staff , amazing service !

Angeline R. – Stephen Diana

The team is always lovely. I couldn’t ask for a greater dentistry group. Thank you.

Nikol K. – Sara Sbergio

I would not go anywhere else.

Michael V. – Stephen Diana

Love my hygienist!! She’s always thorough, gentle and professional while making me feel comfortable (which is no easy feat in a dentist chair!)

Krystin H. – Sara Sbergio

I have been taken quickly when in pain and always find the staff helpful and caring.

Donna W. – Stephen Diana

So awesome, that I fell asleep in my chair and woke up when the hygienist was done cleaning.

Jason C. – Andrea Kovacikova

– I love the no wait time when arriving for an appointment, it demonstrates that you respect my time. The team is courteous and helpful and the reminders are very much appreciated. I like the options available including emailing my confirmation. All in all a great experience.

Marc D. – Stephen Diana

I am impressed with all aspects of your office. Dr. Kristina is simply amazing dentist, after every procedure I have yet to experience pain. Recently I’m getting an implant and it has only been a positive painless experience. Thank you.

Denise O. – Kristen Brandao

Keep up the great work, friendly environment!!

Shannon O. – Lisa Boyer

Very courteous staff

Melvin C. – Lisa Boyer

My appointments with all staff have been excellent. They all are very professional, but also have a sense of humor – which makes coming into the office a pleasure.

Susan E. – Nicolle Jackson

You are the best people! Always professional, efficient & truly caring individuals. Thank you for being a part of our community & a part of my wellness team. With gratitude to all of you, Bethany Vinson

Bethany V. – Nicolle Jackson

I have always had a great experience with Diana Dental. Very professional, waiting periods are very short. I would highly recommended Diana Dental.

Renate M. – Szilvia Sasvari

It’s like having a party in your mouth !

Alan G. – Andrea Kovacikova

Dr Diana was recommended to me two years ago and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Bernice O. – Andrea Kovacikova

Lovely office with wonderful and helpful staff. Thanks!

Elaine V. – Nicolle Jackson

Welcoming staff, professional care and great follow up!

Michael G. – Andrea Kovacikova

Felt I had met an honest Dentist and can trust his opinion … good atmosphere.

Millie B. – Stephen Diana

Direct billing is the only set back to visiting this clinic.

Mercedes J. – Kristen Brandao

As always ,my visit to Diana Dental was excellent.

Patrick H. – Nicolle Jackson

Dr Dian has been such a great help to me. I have terrible side effects from my cancer treatment that no one wanted to try and help for fear of doing more damage to my teeth. Dr. Dian not only tried but has allowed me to keep my teeth and care for the corrrections he made and maintains from the goodness of his heart. I do not know what I would have done without him and my dental technician Niki who keeps it all working. Thank you, Penelope Warner

Penny W. – Nicolle Jackson

As always best of attention,everyone so helpful and friendly.

Isobel W. – Kristen Brandao

Everyone was so friendly and kind and patient

Cheryl O. – Kristen Brandao

My recent experience was perfect!

Elaine N. – Andrea Kovacikova

We are so happy with the service and care provided, everyone is always friendly and the atmosphere makes for a pleasant experience. We are thrilled to have found Diana Dental, much better than where we used to go.

Kelly L. – Kristen Brandao